About Us

We are wakeboarders who have been at this since the beginning of time, or at least since the advent of the Skurfer, which might as well be the beginning of time.

In the early 90's, while the industry was progressing and wakeboard designs were evolving, we wanted to be part of the action. To the garage we went with rolls of carbon fiber, foam wire cutters, vacuum bag presses and a little engineering. We dreamed of making our own boards and becoming the next big company. Somewhere in there though we realized that the way your board acts on the water is not all in the design of the board, but that quite a lot was going on with the fins. So our focus shifted from boards to fins.

Anything we designed in those days we wanted to make better, faster and stronger. This is a philosophy that we still follow today! Back in the day of breaking plastic fins and stripping out threads on our fiberglass fins we realized that metal fins just made more sense. The growing popularity at the time of kickers and sliders only reinforced this thought. Plus, the nice thing about metal is that you can shine it up and make it look really cool. That's why all of our fins have a polished, near mirror, finish. Of course we did not just stop with improving the material, much more thought went into our designs as well. Check out the ENGINEERING link above to learn more.

From our first fin we knew we were onto something. By 2000 we had created and tested our first prototypes. By 2001 we were an established company and made our way to our first Surf Expo event in Orlando, Florida. Years of perfecting our manufacturing process has brought us to where we are today.


  Lyle - President & Chief Engineer    
    Joe - VP Distribution & Hogtie Champ
  Shakey - VP Sales & Ladies Man    
    Melissa - VP Finance & Scrabble Player
  Nick - VP Marketing & Speed Reader