Point blank, you will not break a CDI fin. Our fins are stronger than any other fiberglass or plastic fin on the market for a couple of reasons.

1. This is obvious - they are made from a specially selected aluminum alloy, which has superior strength properties over plastic, fiberglass or graphite. When was the last time you checked out baseball bats? You don't see too many fiberglass bats around, do you?

2. The unique shape of CDI fins. Specifically at the base where it mates with the board, CDI fins are about twice the width of normal fins (see image to the right). This difference in shape makes our fins extremely strong and it increases the stiffness resulting in less flex. The benefit to you? When you are cutting in hard towards the wake you won't loose it just before you go to pull that phat Raley, while at the same time when you hit that slider real hard your CDI fin won't dent into your wakeboard like a regular fin might.

3. The third way CDI fins are more effective than other fins are the threads for the mounting bolt(s). If you look at the threads inside the holes on most fiberglass/graphite fins you will notice the threads go into the material. After screwing a bolt in and out of this hole a few dozen times notice what starts to happen to the threads? They start to wear out. What do you think will happen?

With CDI fins you are threading your bolt into the actual metal of the fin which won't strip out like fiberglass, or break an insert out like plastic.

We performed a test to evaluate the damage done to a wakeboard from a fin. CDI engineers securely mounted a wakeboard to the ground then tied a large weight above the fin. The weight was then pulled out to the side of the board and dropped so that it would swing down in an arc and hit the fin. The test was performed on the fiberglass fin first. After four times of letting the weight swing down the fin broke. The damage done by the conventional shaped fin can be seen in the image to the right.

The same test was then performed on the other end of the wakeboard with a CDI fin. CDI engineers let the weight swing down 4 times before taking the picture in the image to the right. The Pharaoh 1.9" fin we used did sustain a few dents but was still perfectly useable.

The CDI fin performed noticeably better than the standard fiberglass fin, scuffing the board, but not denting it. This can be attributed to the unique shape of the fin.