Well I'm glad you asked, because we have put a lot of thought and design into our wakeboard fins.

First, let's look at the top five reasons we like to recommend people buy CDI fins:

#1 UNIVERSALITY & COMPATIBILITY - Fins fit almost every board on the market!

#2 Increased surface area at the base reduces impact damage to board (this is unique to our fins)

#3 Laminar Flow Shape (LFS) for smooth riding and stability

#4 Will outperform and outlast fiberglass or plastic fins

#5 Fins have rocker formed into them to match the board’s contour.

If there were a #6 it would be this: We wakeboard, we design the fins and we ride the fins ourselves. ( See that guy up on the right doing a raley? He's our President and Chief Engineer.)

Speaking of engineering, if you want to know just how much thought and design we put into our products then you have to check out our ENGINEERING section on the site. You'll find answers to all of your fin design questions...and more....much, much more.