You might ask yourself, what happens if my CDI fin gets caught on something, such as a slider, will it damage my board? Let's say you are trying to hit a slider 50-50 and the fin catches the front edge of the slider. What we have noticed is that, with both CDI fins and fiberglass fins, they will generally hit the edge of slider causing the leading edge of the board to come down onto the slider. Then the fins tends to drag up onto slider. Most of the time this causes the rider to fall. Where the fiberglass fin may stress and crack under this pressure, the CDI fin won't even break a sweat.

Under the most extreme circumstances, when maximum force is applied, what will happen is the bolt(s) holding the fin to the board will break assuming the correct hardware is used. CDI actually performed a computer analysis (Finite Element Analysis) on this situation to ensure the mounting bolts would be the next failure not the rider's board i.e. tearing the bolts through the wakeboard is highly unlikely to happen.

At first glance a rider may think an aluminum fin is more dangerous but in reality it is exactly opposite. CDI aluminum fins are in fact safer than fiberglass or graphite fins.